Harvesters at dawn

About Us

Haynes harvesting was started in 1958 by Gordon Haynes, with 2 machines he made the run from Texas to Montana gaining customers along the way, these first combines having no cabs, Gordon would be driving one machine along with help from friends and family the other machine would be run, Laura Jane (Gordon’s wife) would also help out and would become a vital part of the operation over the years, As the years went on Gordon gained more customers and this lead to more combines being purchased, by the late 60’s the first machines with cabs were being used, no air conditioning then, so the cabs were removed in the summer but put back on for the fall harvest when it got colder.

Gordon and Laura Jane have 2 sons, David Haynes and Gary Wayne Haynes, both were brought up around the harvest from the day they were born and as they got older they became crew managers and Gordon would be scouting from farm to farm checking on the crops readiness. By the 70’s Gordon’s harvesting operation had grown to over 8 machines, still using John Deere combines after all this time. And was employing workers from across the world to come and work the harvest.



The 80’s saw a massive change for Gordon when he changed brands and went from the trusted Green harvesters to Case Axial flow machines, 8 combines were ordered, this was a massive promotional thing for Case International as he was the biggest harvester in the USA at the time to be operating such a large crew, plenty of articles and press was gained from this partnership with the Axial flow combines after so many years with John Deere.

The Axial flow partnership lasted until the Mid 80’s when Gordon returned to John Deere Machines after the Axial flow machines proved not as hardy as the John Deere Combines.

The 90’s was another milestone in the Haynes history with the increase to 9 machines with 36 foot McDon headers, this also meant that Gordon would need another Crew manager to run 3 of the machines alongside David and Gary Wayne, so Chester Gray was taken on as a partner in the business. 9600/9610 and 9650 were all run through the 90’s. Gordon was almost on the verge of changing brands in the late 90,s when CAT/Lexion gave a very convincing demo of their rotary machine, Gordon had the check book out and ready to purchase 9 machines, But CAT/lexion could not give him the guarantee of back up that John Deere could at the time.

The year 2000 onwards Gary Wayne left the business so it was left to David Haynes and Chester to run the operation, so with the advent of the John Deere STS machine with its higher output they moved back to 6 machines in the mid 2000’s and at present run 2 crews of 3 machines, Gordon Haynes retired from the business in the mid 2000,s BUT you could not keep him away from the harvest, once the machines are out and about in Vernon in May you would find Gordon out in the field getting involved with the action , and it was always great to hear his banter on the radio, but unfortunately in the winter of 2012 after a long battle with cancer Gordon Passed away leaving the legacy to carry on. David Haynes took over from his father, David had grown up around combines and the harvest and it’s just in his blood, what David and Gordon Don’t know about harvest is really not worth knowing. 



In 2013 a year after the new S series was released (we had played with the prototype) we purchased 6 x 670 machines along with 35ft drapper headers, these we keep 1-2 seasons depending on the hours they do.  

In the Fall of 2014 Due Poor Health David Haynes retired from the company and Chester Gray took over after spending over 20 years with (Gordon) Haynes Custom Harvesting, starting as a grain cart operator and working his way up to crew manager and part owner, and as Gordon would have wished, Chester is carrying on taking the Gordon Haynes Harvesting name from the South to the North each season, Chester is married to Debbie who works along side Chester within the business.

It was with great sadness on August 17th 2014 that David Haynes Passed away after his battle with poor health.

Gordon Haynes Harvesting is always ready to embrace new technology and this is evident in the us of field mapping and auto steer equipment and keeping up to date with new machinery.