tractors lined up




We are running 6 John Deere S670 machines, they are replaced after they reach a set amount of hours. We have worked with John Deere for many years and have an in depth knowledge of how they work, having found the STS machine to be the ideal harvest partner. With the support from John Deere’s harvest support team we have very little down time with our machines during the season.

Along with combines we operate 6, 635 Draper headers when harvesting small grains and milo, we are also equipped with 600c corn heads and windrow headers, plus specialist heads for unusual crops  like sunflowers.

Combine harvesters


Having spent several years with FWD (Artic) tractors on the grain cart. In 2010 we returned to FWA tractors, the main reason for this was the weight when cart and tractor were loaded onto trucks for moving, having gone to bigger carts we entered this with some interest as to how the smaller tractor (same HP as the FWD) would handle the bigger carts.

We have 3, 8335R tractors with CVT transmissions, and front axle suspension, and we have been very pleased how these tractors have worked on the carts with drivers saying they are more comfortable over rough ground and the CVT is great, we also have an older 8000 series tractor that we use when on corn and milo harvest.


Grain Carts  

Brent are now our cart of choice after spending many years with Kinze, we ran one Brent alongside the Kinzes for a season. We were so pleased with their performance, simple daily servicing, easy clean out, build etc that we now have 3, 1194 Brent Avalanche with weigh scales so we can be sure not to overload trucks and keep good records of bushels harvested, plus the adjustable unload auger is very handy on uneven ground. (New pictures of new tractors and carts coming soon)



For many years we have now run Freightliner trucks with a mixture of motors and for a long time we used the cab over style and in the last 15 years the complete fleet of trucks are now conventionals and most are running with Detroit engines, we have found these to be the best truck for the harsh conditions that they spend most of their time working in.

We also have 2 service trucks, One is a cabover (the only one we have now) Freightliner and we purchased a brand new custom built service truck in 2012 to replace the last of the Transtars (We still have this trusty old service track for those time when needed, she is also used during cotton harvest season) . this is a crew cab Freightliner so all the guys can travel in style back and forth to the field. this truck is fully loaded with all the up to date kit and LED work lighting. and looks the part 



All our combine trailers were designed and built by Gordon Haynes, they are not the usual combine trailer, the combine is loaded backwards so the weight of the combine is central to the truck and trailer.

They are also fitted with a 5th wheel so we can then hook up one of our 6 Wilson hopper bottom grain trailers when moving from state to state, our headers are loaded onto Befort 2870, each will carry 2 headers and is pulled behind a service truck. We also have single headers trailers that one of our 4 pickups will pull.


Living Accomodation

Again these are not your “off the shelf trailer house”, they are custom made, built on heavy duty truck trailer running gear, one is 75ft and the other is 65ft, both have fully serviced kitchens’  so the crew gets looked after with great meals prepared by our harvest cooks, each trailer has living one end for the crew manager, i.e. David and Chester, the kitchen is central then there is the living for the crew with 8 beds, showers, toilets wash basin and wardrobes for clothing etc.

Each crew have a fridge were they can keep drinks etc cold; we also have one small travel trailer that is living for one of the crew cooks.

Living accomodation